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MagX Launches Complete New Line of Xtra-Wide Printable Magnetic Sheeting Products

MagX 48: A revolutionary new wide printable magnetic product for point-of-purchase, signage and display graphics measuring a full 48"

MagX 40: The world's first and still most popular 40" printable magnetic sheeting for large format printing

MagX 30: The product with a little extra, a new 30" wide product offering 6 additional inches of print space

MagX 24: The first and still the best printable magnetic sheeting with a true web width of 24-3/8"

John Kanis, Vice President and General Manager states, "Making a wider printable magnetic product is not as easy as it may seem. MagX has had years of experience in producing wider products that exhibit excellent lay flat properties. Other manufactures have tried but just cannot produce a quality product in this wider format. Now MagX has.

One of the oldest and largest manufacturers of flexible magnetics in the world, MagX produced the first flexible magnetic sheeting in 1965. Today, MagX has grown into a global corporation with manufacturing and distribution facilities in China, Europe, Japan and Vietnam. In the United States, MagX has corporate offices in Cincinnati with three warehouse facilities located in California, Georgia and Ohio. A converting and fabricating facility is also located in Ohio.

Flexible magnets in their simplest form are commonly found in most every household as advertising specialty refrigerator magnets. Other applications include signage, point of purchase, security, automotive and industrial components.

For more information visit or contact MagX at 1-800-979-1150.