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MagX Announces MagX Magnetic Receptive Systems!

This is a whole new line of innovative changeable graphics and signage systems.

MagX is pleased to announce the launch of a new and exciting product line, MagX Magnetic Receptive Systems! This system can be used to create changeable graphics and signage for retail environments, promotions, POP, tradeshow displays and museum exhibits to name just a few.

MagX Magnetic Receptive Systems utilize MagX Magnetic Sheeting with a special mounting adhesive, which can be mounted to most any wall or smooth surface. MagX Magnetic Receptive Sheeting is then imaged with a graphic and is mounted to the magnetic sheeting itself. Magnetically receptive graphics can be easily changed and mounted up to four layers. MagX Magnetic Receptive System components are available in a wide variety of widths, thicknesses and laminates.

MagX produced the first flexible magnetic sheeting way back in 1965 and today continues to be the global leader in flexible magnetic technology. Flexible magnets in their simplest form are commonly found in most every household as advertising specialty refrigerator magnets. Other applications include signage, automotive components and industrial apparatuses. MagX has revenues exceeding $100 million annually.

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