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MagX Launches Newly Designed Website

MagX is pleased to announce their newly designed website; Now you can view the hundreds of MagX product offerings more quickly and efficiently. The new website is easy to navigate and is mobile friendly. Rene Adiutori, MagX's Marketing Director, states; “The new was designed to be a reflection of the creative and colorful industry that we all know and love.” Viewer feedback has already indicated that the site is not only vibrant but most informative as well.

MagX produced the first flexible magnetic sheeting way back in 1965 and today continues to be the global leader in flexible magnetic technology. Flexible magnets in their simplest form are commonly found in most every household as advertising specialty refrigerator magnets. Other applications include signage, automotive components and industrial apparatuses. MagX Group has revenues exceeding $100 million annually.

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